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Making every building a smart building


As utility bills continue to rise, and schedules in your building become increasingly hectic, it can take a lot of time and effort to manage your building. By empowering your staff with mobile access, and providing instant on-demand remote service for your building, SMSI aims to keep your building running at maximum efficiency. For new or existing buildings, we create an easy-to-use system that gives you the ability to satisfy occupant comfort, and provably lower your utility bills.


With smart zones and schedules, we provide easy access and support to keep all areas of your building comfortable. By managing exactly when the rooms in your building need HVAC and electricity, SMSI intelligently shuts off equipment when it isn’t needed, resulting in double digit energy savings on your utility bill.


With EnergyMesh, all our building automation systems are WiFi compatible, lowering project costs and increasing ROI. We are able to control systems and devices across a wide range of facilities that have been previously cost prohibitive to manage.


Many buildings have an existing control system that is not satisfying customer needs. We specialize in integrating any existing legacy controls systems into new web-based platforms, bringing easy, secure access to buildings at an extremely affordable budget.

Our Capabilities

  • Native websites and mobile applications allow you to manage your building from any device.
  • Wireless integration for almost any device, giving monitoring and access capabilities in any location.
  • Cellular Private Networks give you a secure reliable access to your systems without requiring a local network.
  • Remote monitoring and engineering support allows us to help you solve building issues in minutes, not days.
“SMSI Group has been a superintendent's dream to work with over the past 8 years. They do what they say, stand behind their service, and most importantly, have saved our district thousands of dollars. A few years ago when we were faced with budget cuts, SMSI allowed us to get a handle on money that was literally escaping from the budget and put the funds back where it belonged-into the classroom.”
Shannon Snow
“The last three years our auditors have asked what have we done to cause our electric bills to decrease when the rates have been on the increase. I reply the only difference is being with SMSI on a management system. When we added new HVAC units in our gym this summer I contacted SMSI Group so we could add that building onto the system. Once you get everything set to workable set points, it goes oh so smoothly from that point on.”
Renee Sagasar

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