emergency services

When downtime is not an option


When equipment fails, business costs rise exponentially. The results can range from user discomfort to full production shutdown or product loss. None are acceptable. SMSI provides a timely response for any issue. We pride ourselves on our ability to resolve your problems.

Equipment doesn’t always fail during regular hours, and we’re there even when you can’t be. Call, text, or email us for immediate service.

Phone/Text: 833-SMSI-GRP / Email: SGF-MO@SMSI.GROUP

Always Available

We know your time is money. When our customer’s manufacturing process is down, intentionally or planned, we are there to repair. We know that food manufacturing is uniquely impacted by refrigeration failure. Product loss affects the bottom line. At SMSI we work with a sense of urgency, knowing all that is at stake when systems fail.


Regardless of the hour, we are there to help. We provide immediate phone, text, and email access to the most qualified technicians and managers available to solve your crisis. With multiple avenues of contact, you are assured the fastest response time possible.

Our Associations

“SMSI Group has been a great partner for our refrigeration systems. The work ranges from piping and vessel replacements, component installs, and repairs. Their team is very responsive to all company standards of construction and plant specific safety requirements. The consistency and quality makes it easy to make them the first call when something is needed.”
Alex Ruwe
“The last three years our auditors have asked what have we done to cause our electric bills to decrease when the rates have been on the increase. I reply the only difference is being with SMSI on a management system. When we added new HVAC units in our gym this summer I contacted SMSI Group so we could add that building onto the system. Once you get everything set to workable set points, it goes oh so smoothly from that point on.”
Renee Sagasar
“I have worked with SMSI for years, one of the most honest companies to work with. Very GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) minded and look forward to working with them more years to come.”
Chris Marr

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